The Mystery Of Reincarnation – Facts Regarding Rebirth


What is really behind the mystery of reincarnation?

In spiritual circles, rebirth or the mystery of reincarnation is often a topic, but what is really behind it? In this post you will find out what it is about. You will also learn why reincarnation actually happens, and how you can leave the cycle of rebirth behind you once and for all.

Are you here often?

Especially in the age of the Internet you can find countless stories about how people report from past lives.

Perhaps you yourself have already noticed impressions through your intuition, which you certainly have not recorded in this life.

These impressions do not necessarily have to come from a human life. It is generally claimed that you have to have gone through countless animal lives in order to maintain a human body.

As soon as we own a human body, we are responsible for our own evolution!

This fact can have various effects. For example, it decides whether there is a rebirth for us and what it looks like.

Reasons for reincarnation

Once we have a human body, there is really only one reason why we are experiencing rebirth:

We want to!

As long as we still have desires at the moment of our death that we want to live out in the world, our consciousness will take on another form in which we can live out these desires.

The form that we take on reincarnation depends entirely on how we have led our lives.

Let’s say we have been chasing our subconscious all our life and just satisfied our instincts. In such a case it is obvious that we wish to be able to continue with it at the moment of death.

Accordingly, our consciousness will take a form in which we can best meet these desires.

So if we already live like animals in the human body, in the next life we ​​will be given the opportunity to fully live out these tendencies in an animal body!

However, due to their limited possibilities, these births are not considered desirable.

Why even a good birth is not desirable

If we focus our lives on serving our fellow human beings, life will not ignore these deeds either. We either received the reward for it in the last life, we receive it in this life, or we will receive it in the next life.

In general, however, every form of reincarnation is associated with suffering:

Whatever comes into the world has to leave again sometime!

The way out of the world mostly happens through the physical decline and of old age. However, rebirth is not the only option available to us humans.

Beyond birth and death

The birth into this world has some really uncomfortable sides with growing old, losing your loved ones and similar dramas.

For this reason, it is advisable to look for an alternative to eternal rebirth and the reliving of these dramas.

As described earlier, reincarnation only takes place if we still have wishes and expectations of the world when we die.

So we have the option of no longer having to incarnate into the world if we simply don’t want anything more from her when we die!

Here we come to the reason why it is so difficult for many to walk without having to cling to something:


In order to no longer be born in the world of forms, it is important to experience something that was not born.

Once this experience has been made, we can detach our focus from the forms and focus it on them. In this way it may be possible for us at the moment of our death to want nothing more of what the world of forms has to offer us.

What this is about is true self-knowledge!

The original self is the part of our existence that was never born, but has experienced each of our previous births.

Once we have recognize this core of our being, we have found something that is beyond the cycle of rebirth!

There, we also find the possibility of no longer having to incarnate in the world of forms. If we manage to be fully focused on our original self at the moment of our death, we have no more desires. As a result, reincarnation will no longer take place.

The question now is: how can we experience this self beyond birth, death and rebirth?

Ways to liberation

In order to no longer have to reincarnate, it is necessary to recognize the original self. But what are the ways to get there? Absolutely none!

The self is already here, it is always with us, everything that stands in the way of recognizing it is our own illusions. We can dissolve these illusions!

Some effective methods

Watch your thoughts: In our thoughts arise the concepts that distract us from our actual essence. If we manage to observe them, there is already a gap between us and these concepts. We are already on the way out of the cycle of rebirth!

Learn to understand the effect of karma: In essence, it is our karma that leads to reincarnation. If you understand its mode of action, you can detach yourself from it.

Practice yoga and meditation: Our physical tension is one of the reasons why we cannot release our attention from our body. If we release these tensions, it becomes easier for us to concentrate on the essentials. The 5 Tibetans are especially recommended for beginners.

Dear starlings

The mystery of reincarnation is not something that happens to us for no reason, an it isn’t a mystery at all. As long as we cannot leave the world behind, rebirth waits for us.

I hope this post helps, so that you can recognize your eternal self and live and die with joy and highest fulfillment! ~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~

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