Get To Know The Secret Of Manifestation


Learn the secret of manifestation and use it successfully

If you know and practice the secret of manifestation, you will manifest faster and faster until you fulfill every wish so quickly that only a few days pass between the thought of a wish and its fulfillment. Few can do this and these people have practiced from months to years.

We all manifest all the time, but too often not what we want. The reason for this is that we were programmed incorrectly.

We were told that we cannot have everything, that we have to work hard for everything, and the like. This programming has made us slaves in a three-dimensional world.

Some people who have fulfilled all of their desires and quickly realize each new one work quite a bit. The most important characteristic of these people is that they have a lot of energy and an irrefutable conviction.

They talk quickly, move quickly, make decisions quickly and are very organized. They get up early, start working soon and have their full focus on the task at hand.

I could add more to that. However … I think these people were told from an early age that they have to work hard and diligently to achieve anything in life.

Manifest from a high frequency/happy state

There are people who don’t work much and everything seems to come to them. They sometimes receive a completely unexpected great heritage. Others win large sums of money in the lottery. Perhaps, their grandmother gave them the great car.

The house with a garden is provided to them by the uncle free of charge. I’ve watched all of this. I have also observed that these people are always in a good mood. They are absolutely convinced that everything will go well and that they will never miss anything.

If you are programmed to work hard to achieve something and now think that doing nothing and just letting your soul wander could bring more and quicker success, then you will likely be homeless soon.

I often write that your thoughts are important. They are based on your way of thinking and that is part of the programming. Many people usually think of what they don’t want.

It’s hard to imagine that they can have what they want without having to work a lot or to put in lots of effort. So you have to change your programming.

The definition of manifesting

Manifesting is the act of creating something, i.e. realizing it and/or bringing something forth into reality. It is about making something perceptible in its reality.

Synonym for manifest: create, realize, materialize, make perceptible.

Manifesting is not a secret

Manifesting is not a secret, but a process that you have to go through, the individual stages of which are very easy to learn. Like everything, you have to practice manifesting. With practicing, that is, repeating often, your programming changes.

Manifestation consists of

Think about what you want.
Wanting what you want.
Feel like you already have what you want.
Be convinced that you will soon notice what you want.
Visualize what you want, preferably in a meditative state.

It doesn’t sound that difficult, and yet manifestation doesn’t work immediately.

Reasons can be:

There is always something that is not wanted in your thinking.
You don’t know how you will feel when a wish is fulfilled.
There is always doubt.
Troubles to meditate.
You don’t manage to see, which equals that you cannot visualize images of what you want in your mind’s eye.

In the film “The Secret”, they couldn’t portray the last secret adequately. In addition, ‘The Secret’ producers only wanted to show what everyone can easily understand.

Many have started to visualize after watching the film. However, when their desires didn’t manifest quickly enough, they gave it up and dismissed it as a lame spell.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of manifestation

Manifestation is, on the one hand, the transformation of a thought into its physical equivalent and, on the other hand, the compression of subatomic particles into a solid unit that represents matter, which makes it perceptible.

Fulfilling a wish is nothing other than the conversion of thoughts into their physical equivalent, which condenses subatomic particles and, thus, makes them recognizable. Sounds easy. But it is not.

Make it clear that everything consists of subatomic particles, including the human body. Different materials differ in their specific vibration frequency.

The denser a thing is, the faster the vibration, with vibrations of different heights and lengths

Perceiving is equated with the word “seeing”. We see with our eyes, but some scientists and thinkers question whether we really see anything outside of us.

They are of the opinion that we only perceive and that this perception is an imagined situation projected outwards and is recognized as real. Perception, or what we perceive/see, is, therefore, only a projection of our world of thought.

Some quantum physicists explain that there is nothing if no one looks. This hypothesis cannot be verified. If you don’t look, you can’t see if there is something or not, though.

But you better look! Isn’t that what you wanted? Be filled with anticipation and then look again. With joy, you change your frequency. Do this twice a day. Don’t give up until you realize what you want.

The ultimate secret of manifestation

The last secret of manifesting is to constantly adjust your vibration frequency to what you want.

With an increased vibration frequency, you can fulfill your wishes and reach your goals faster.

When you change your vibration frequency, what you perceive changes. If your frequency drops, you can try so hard and you will not be able to fulfill your wishes.

On the other hand, if you increase your frequency, you will fulfill your wishes more quickly. This also means that you manifest quicker with a high vibration frequency. The higher your vibration frequency, the faster you will manifest.

Dear starlings

I hope that my explanation of the secret of manifestation and how it can truly help you to bring forth into reality anything you desire is useful for you.

Manifestation is like magic, but it is not some sort of mojo. We get the confirmation every day, that manifestation is real, as we realize our entire daily happenings – whether they are good or bad.

Please, my starlings, do share your experiences, questions and other contributions regarding this topic with us in a comment below.

Also, dear starlings, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends. This way, I can write more informative posts, add tips, free ebooks and offer private chat sessions for those of you in need of advice or encouragement during your time of spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that you are precious light beings, heer to absorb, expand, have fun and create a blissful and loving dimension for all of us to live in harmony.

You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~


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