The Seven Hermetic Laws – Align With All If You Want To Manifest


The Importance Of The Alignment With The Seven Hermetic Laws

The cosmic laws, or the seven hermetic laws, describe how the world in itself works, what the cause of events is, and what influence we have on it.

These universal laws describe how the world of duality functions. Gratitude is in order, as we have insight regarding these laws, thus, consciously can use them to our advantage.

While physical laws can be overcome by awareness or technique, the cosmic laws are unrestricted for everyone, whether you know them or not.

Actually, it is a single, cosmic principle, which regulates all conceivable processes. However, to make it easier to understand, they are divided into seven laws, which are as follows:


1. Fundamental of the spirit

All is the spirit, and the source of life is the infinite spirit of creation. The Universe is conceptual, and many already know that mind rules over matter. Meaning, the Universe doesn’t give out what desires, but what one mentally focuses upon.

Every person can at any time decide to step from the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge. By doing so, one enters life and consciously accepts the inheritance of the perfection of man and of creation.

This sheds a whole new light on the world. Our thoughts do, indeed, cause change within our surroundings. Your thoughts and your consciousness design your world of experience.

Decisive here is the intensity of inner desire and yearning. Therefore, it’s always best to watch your thoughts and be mindful, as what you think can create and destroy if not careful pondered!

2. Fundamental of “cause and effect” (Karma)

It’s simple: Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Whatever action you take generates specific energy, which returns to the originating point with the same intensity.

The end result corresponds to the source of origin in quality and quantity. Like, must produce like, and action equals reaction. The cause can be on many levels. Everything happens in accordance with the law. Every human being is creator, bearer and conqueror of his fate.

Every thought, every emotion, every act is a cause that has an effect. Whether bad or good luck, sin, culpability nor coincidences exist. There merely are cause and effect. These, however, can lay apart for many centuries and existences.

“Luck” and “coincidence” are names for the unrecognized law. One can reap the seeds he sowed much later on in life or even in other lives that are yet to come.

Have you ever wondered why you carry certain characteristics? Where do your patterns of behavior come from? Consider the effect of all your thinking, feeling and acting.

Try to let go of hatred, resentment and frightful thoughts, and open yourself to unconditional trust and love. It is your choice to make and your steps to take. You alone are responsible for your actions and the way your life develops.


3. Fundamental of correlation or analogies

What is above will show the same way below, and the other way around. The way things are on the inside, so they will be perceived on the outside, and contrariwise.

As we can see it in the big, so it will be visible in the small, and vice versa. For everything that exists in the world, there is affinity at every angle and height of existence.

You can see the big on the small and the small on the big. As you are on the inward, you experience your outer world and surroundings.

Conversely, the habitat and your ambience are your mirror. When you change, everything around you begins to differ as well. What you think and believe of others, lies within you.

4. Fundamental of resonance

Like always captivates like and is fortified by yet more like. Unequal fends one another off. Yes, the saying is true “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” So, it’s rather pointless to complain about your partner, boss or friends.

You attract and are surrounded by your own true reflection, anyway. Thus, instead of you wishing others to change for you, make the changes within yourself.

If you stick to this rule, you will soon see immense differences in your environment and circle of people who are surrounding you.

Personal behavior determines the individual circumstances along with the entire life condition. Fear attracts evil. Those who are in resonance with illness, hatred, jealousy increase the likelihood that the feared things will happen.

You are what you do. You draw all this into your life, which corresponds to your daily actions, thoughts and emotions. Negativity attracts negative and dark energy, and it can lead to depression, illness, grief and even death.


5. Fundamental of harmony or equalization

Harmony creates an abundant river of all life. Naturally, all vibrational beings strive for harmony and balance. The more powerful determines the weaker and adapts to it. Life consists of the congruous coexistence, giving and taking of the elements and forces that work in the creation.

Hoarding and holding on to something or someone creates an obstruction that sooner or later brings forth despair, the frailty of health and death.

Life is an exchange, a constant movement. Different effects always balance each other out, so that harmony and balance can be restored as soon as possible.

Life is a never-ending give and take. The Universe lives through dynamic balance in ease, harmony and love. Giving and taking are different aspects of the cosmic energy flow.

By giving what we seek, we leave the abundance in our lives. By spreading harmony, joy and love, we create happiness, success and abundance in our lives.

Of the fullness of life, one only gets as much as one can open oneself to the wholeness. Man opens himself by dissolving all conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Let go of want and limitation, and all which separates you from old limitations. Dare new, unlimited things, instead. Anyone who does not live abundance will be denied.

Accept the fullness. Do not enrich yourself at the expense of others. You have to pay for everything you take – unless it’s given to you freely. Thus, give to get, instead.


6. Fundamental of rhythm or vibration

Just like a river, all constantly flows in and out again. And like the tides, all is rising and falling, as well. All there is vibrates – even a stone.

Nothing ever ceases; everything stays mobile. The pendulum momentum shows in everything. The extent of the swing to the right corresponds to the extent of the swing to the left. Rhythm is stability. Stability, in turn, is the essence of harmony.

Defeat rigidity and live flexibility. Everything that is taut has to break.

7. Fundamental of polarity and sexuality

All that exists has poles and a pair of opposites. And if you ponder it closely, you will come to the conclusion that equal and unequal are the same. Everything that appears to be contrasting actually is identical.

All they have are antithetical signs and variant vibrational frequencies. All truths are half-truths, and so are lies. Every paradox should be reconciled in the middle.

Judgments, or should you rather not? It is best to always acknowledge the counter-opinion. Do not form suppositions about anything, as everyone is right, from the point of view of each.

It’s just hard at times for you to see the other person’s stance. This, however, does not mean that he or she isn’t right.

Ther is sex in everything, as well. All sexuality is at the same time unity.

Sexuality manifests itself at all levels. All existing things and beings carry male and female elements, thus, everything is equally male and female at the same time. Gender urges unity.

Sexuality is unity, for unity contains the male and female principles. Live your male and female aspects equally. Be balanced. Be in balance – within your center.

Cosmic (Hermetic) laws, among others enumerated by: Hermes Trismegistos (Thoth).


“The lips of wisdom are closed, but not for the ears of understanding.” (Kybalion)

The keys to the seven eternal holy principles. For many years a great interest in the timeless wisdom of the “Kybalion” has awakened again.

The “Kybalion” contains the universal wisdom of the great initiate, the Master of the Masters: Hermes Trismegistos.

His teachings, recorded on the fabled emerald tablet, are the foundation of all Western and Eastern spiritual schools.

Everyone receives what they need for their development, because we ourselves are the creators of our reality. The Kybalion clearly and intelligibly explains the seven hermetic laws, giving us the powerful keys to their application.

“He who has ears, who listens, who has eyes, who looks” (Kybalion)

Personal note

Dearest starlings, I was thinking for quite a while now that perhaps people are too focused on the law of attraction alone.

So, many are complaining that their manifestations do not work out for them. It’s simply because they haven’t added all the essential ingredients.

For example, you cannot make real lemonade without lemons. You most certainly can make different variations, but pure lemonade you cannot produce unless you add the required fruits.

In other words, in order for the law of attraction to work, and a manifestation to take place, one needs to be in alignment with all cosmic (Hermetic) laws, in my humble opinion.

For only then we obtain the correct balance to realize and bring our desires in the present moment.

Also, one good tip: Do not think of the Law of Attraction as a separated force, which is somewhere out there and you need to stimulate in order to grant your wishes.

The Law of Attraction is part of your being. It lies within you. Thus, you have the power to make it work, whether in your favor or against you, with your thoughts and inspired actions.

I wanted to bring the seven hermetic laws closer to your attention in the hopes that they will help you attract and manifest more of the desired things in your lives.

Always remember, though, that whatever you are wishing for must be for the highest good of all concerned.

When visualizing or speaking of something you want to obtain, then always end your session with the words “Under grace, in perfect ways” (Florence Scovel Shinn).

In this manner, you ascertain that what you will receive will make its way to you under optimum conditions where no one, including yourself, will get harmed.

Dearest starlings, I hope you like my post and that it is useful to you. Please, share your experiences regarding the seven hermetic laws with us in our comment section below. We are always happy to hear/read from you and your opinion is very important to us.

Also, please, do share us with your families and friends on social media, so we can reach more people and guide them during their awakening process, or support them with their problems.

Starlings, please know that you, as an individual, are exclusive and unique. Remember that you came here to fulfill the one special task, which no other can do – but you!

Do not panic if you haven’t figured what it is that you’re supposed to do. This is what our website is here for – To help and guide you towards your mission and true purpose in life.

Once you have encountered what that is, inner peace, satiation, happiness and bliss will illuminate you And frankly, my starlings, in the very end happiness is everything we truly seek.

With that being said, I am sending you all my healing and love energy, joy, harmony and an abundance of everything you desire. ~Namaste~

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