The Soul Does Exist And You Will Go On After Death


You will continue, as the soul does exist and lives on after physical death

I am a firm believer that the soul does exist and that life continues after ‘death,’ because I saw actual evidence unfolding in front of my eyes.  So I simply want to go a little more in-depth, empathizing that the people mentioned below, despite much public disbelief, most likely did speak the truth without fantasizing or making up stories.

People with near-death experiences report mysterious phenomena – often of a tunnel, at the end of which light shines. Even serious researchers claim that the soul really exists, and that immortal consciousness, like space, time, matter, and energy, is a fundamental element of the world.

The American chemist James Grant, who spent several years in Germany at a Max Planck Institute, reported a strange experience to his closest circle of friends during his studies.

He had completed his scholarship not only in the USA, but also in London. As there was no room left in the student dorm, he entered a waiting list immediately after his arrival. Unexpectedly quickly, however, a room became vacant.

Shortly after moving in he had woken up one night and noticed in his room in the light of a street lamp a young man with black, curly hair.

He was terribly frightened and told the alleged neighbor that he probably mistakenly confused the room. But he did not react at all, just looked at him sadly. After switching on the light, the figure was no longer perceptible.


Is there a soul? Existence of the supernatural

“Since I was absolutely sure that I had not dreamed, the next morning I told the headmistress of the strange encounter and described exactly how the young man looked,” said Grant.

Thereupon, she searched briefly in the archive and showed him a photo on which he immediately recognized the young man.

Grant describes the sheer unbelievable as follows: “When I asked her who it was, she replied in a trembling voice that it was the previous tenant, who had killed himself shortly before.”

The story sounds like hallucination or esotericism. Keep in mind, however, that, after all, the source is a trusted scientist. No less fantastic is the vision that the Swedish scientist and theologian Emanuel of Swedenborg (1688 to 1772)  had after he witnessed sources in 1759.

One evening he had the vision that in Stockholm, 280 miles away, a fire had broken out in his hometown, but that it came to a halt some houses before it could reach his apartment.

A messenger had later confirmed his inspiration. Professor Hans Schwarz, professor of Protestant theology at the University of Regensburg, studied the contemporary sources and concluded that Swedenborg’s report is credible.

Colorful science fiction meets dry physics

Surprisingly, however, there are a large number of people who talk in private about experiences that are generally considered supernatural. However, for fear of being labeled as implausible, most of them shy away from the limelight.

Does science have something to say about such ideas? Meanwhile, there are a number of well-known physicists who consider such effects to be real.

They come to the revolutionary conclusion that there is a physically describable soul. The foundation for the breathtaking thesis is provided by the quantum physical phenomenon of entanglement.


Spooky action at a distance: A discovery of Einstein

Einstein was right – there are gravitational waves!

One hundred years after Einstein: The genius has predicted the existence of gravitational waves. To date, researchers could not prove this great thesis. Today they celebrate the breakthrough.

Already Albert Einstein came across this strange effect, but later on he put it down as a “ghostly remote effect”. More recently, among other things, the Viennese quantum physicist Professor Anton Zeilinger has provided experimental proof. It showed that this effect actually exists in reality.

And there was also one of the most renowned quantum physicists of the present day, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. Today, he holds the view that the dualism of the smallest particles is not limited to the subatomic world, but rather omnipresent.

The dualism between body and soul is just as real to him as the wave-particle-dualism of the smallest particles.  That is, the fact that light can adopt both apparently contradictory forms: an electromagnetic wave and “tangible particle”.

In his view, there is also a universal quantum code, in which all living and dead matter is involved. This quantum code is supposed to extend over the entire cosmos since the Big Bang.

Dürr: Life after death is possible

Consequently, Dürr believes in existence after death. “What we call this world is basically the slag, the matter, that is, what is tangible. The hereafter is everything else, the comprehensive reality, the much larger one,” he says with conviction. Insofar, the afterworld already embraces our present life.

Such ideas are not completely new. The psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung has already led a lively correspondence with the physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli since 1947.

He has been looking for a physical interpretation of so-called synchronicities. Behind this are coincidences or events that follow one another in a timely manner, which are not linked by a causal relationship, but which the observer perceives as “meaningful” and logical.


Act between matter and spirit

Surprisingly, the intensive correspondence between Jung and Pauli was not taken note of for more than half a century.

Obviously, the idea that mental states and the inanimate world should be interlinked and interacting was making the researcher elite too daring for serious discussion.

In the meantime, pioneer Dürr recently received the award “Schützenhilfe” from the Heidelberg physicist Professor Markolf H. Niemz. He believes that after the death of a human, the soul says “goodbye” at the speed of light.

Niemz teaches medical technology at the University of Heidelberg. In addition, he is intensively involved in near-death research. The latter provided the decisive impulses for his thesis.

Those affected feel drawn into a kind of tunnel

In a so-called dying experience, the sufferer suddenly experiences the feeling that his soul is separating from his physical body. It usually seems to float above the scene of events.

Moments later, some sort of tunnel seems to open. In it, the affected person feels “drawn in” and floats up to bright, non-dazzling light at the end.

In this “light at the end of the tunnel” Niemz sees parallels to a simulated journey in a spaceship near the speed of light.

The so-called ‘searchlight effect’ gives the impression that everything is moving from the beginning towards the viewer. One can observe a similar effect when driving through a winter snowstorm.

Similarly, with a fast-moving object moving through space at nearly the speed of light, this effect results in focusing the light rays from the front. The remaining parts of the Universe, however, appear darker as they approach the speed of light.

The viewer has the feeling that he is driving through a dark tube through a radiant light source at the end of this tunnel.

Christian Hellweg is also convinced of the quantum state of mind. He completed his physics and medical studies at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. Afterward, the scientist spent years researching brain functions.

He sums up his thesis as follows: “The properties of the spiritual correspond exactly to those characteristics which characterize the extremely enigmatic and whimsical phenomena of the quantum world.”

The legendary American physicist Professor John A. Wheeler, said: “Many physicists hoped that the world was classical in a certain sense – at least free from curiosities like large objects in two places at the same time. But such hopes have been nullified by a series of new experiments. “


Religion and science complement each other

Last but not least, the British nuclear physicist and molecular biologist Jeremy Hayward of the University of Cambridge makes no secret of his conviction: “Some scientists, who still belong to the scientific mainstream, are no longer shy to say that consciousness is more than space, time, and matter. Energy could be one of the basic elements of the world, ” he assures.

In summary, he concludes that human consciousness may even be more fundamental than space and time.

If theses of the avant-garde among the physicists confirm in subsequent research, this should significantly influence our world view. Thus, science and religion would no longer be opposites. Rather, they could complement each other complementarily – just like the right and the left shoe of a human.

Dear starlings

What are your thoughts regarding this topic? Are you also a believer that the soul does exist and that life goes on after the passing of our physical bodies? Have you had experiences or know of someone who had any?  Share your stories and sentiments with us in a comment below. I’m so looking forward to this.

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