Things To Know About The Human Ego To Set Yourself Free


Everything we need to know about the human ego, so we don’t stay caught in our minds

“The death of the ego will be the beginning of your true life.”
~Osho (1931-1990), Indian philosopher and founder of the Neo-Sannyas movement~

What is the ego?

In this post, you will learn about the human ego, which is the ego of man, his self-identity. But what is this self? The ego was created by the fact that man has primarily identified with matter and forms, above all with our thought-forms.

It is the unobserved mind, the mind without consciousness, that we mistakenly consider to be ourselves. Nowadays, there are countless people who are fully identified with their minds.

This means that their entire self-image is derived solely from him. If we identify too strongly with material existence, we lose consciousness of our own spiritual origin and identity.

When man remains trapped in thought

If we remain trapped in our thinking, we cannot reach the true being and into our true life. Then we live a life that is separated from our individual unity with the cosmic or divine source.

And then we only live out of an illusion. We then live in a purely illusionary life, and we are not even aware of that. Most people believe that they can find solutions to the problems in our world by thinking more and more precisely about them or by going into discussion with others.

But real solutions cannot be obtained at the mind level. After all, the problems in our world come from the fact that the majority of us as human beings have separated ourselves from our true origins.

We have made our minds God. It is certainly not a question of demonizing thinking. The only decisive factor is who is in charge of our own system. Spiritual people make it their mission to find their way back to the creative source. We all came from this source.

This is thus the way to the true self. As awakened people, we feel great compassion for those who have never gone beyond their personal dimensions throughout their lives. For they can never experience the dimension of transcendence in themselves and in the world.

Is there the true self?

The first step on the way to the true self is to recognize my own ego identity. If I become aware of my self-identity, I have already perceived it from the level of my self.

For example, at this very moment, I can find out whether I think or not, so I can make my thinking or non-thinking aware.

The one who thinks is the person or my personality. But if I can observe my own thinking, my mind, there must still be something that is not the mind.

Then there must be something where that person or personality is not there. The observer cannot be observed at the same time.

And this observer is nothing but the true self. For the thinking mind, a state of consciousness in which there is no thinking is either threatening or completely uninteresting.

If I am aware of these issues, I have to ask myself what life I want to live from now on. It requires a very clear inner decision about where I want to focus my life.

Do I choose life under the dominion of my mind or one as a true self? The latter corresponds to life as a conscious creative being, for the true self is in direct connection to our divine source.

The Characteristics of the Ego

The ego considers itself complete, omniscient and omnipotent. It knows no transcendence, i.e. an over-step. On the other hand, when one is in the true self, one is thus no longer subject to the boundaries of faith of the mind.

The ego always wants his will to happen and thus says: “My will be done!” However, when my will happens, I have only my own resources at my disposal.

In doing so, I reduce my potential solely to the possibilities of my person. My will, which is always shaped by the mind, lives in a permanent feeling of lack.

For the mind can only analyze and disassemble. And something divided is not complete. By identifying with our conditioned mind, we have cut ourselves off from the creative source.

Because the ego stands alone, it must now also produce everything from itself. This sometimes scares him a lot. A life in ego identification is therefore always a pessimistic life, a life in fear and worry.

Therefore, the ego also tends to steal energy from others. This is mainly done unconsciously.

However, we can reach an awareness of it when, after encounters with other beings, we feel totally drained and tired. This usually signifies that there was probably a person who sucks light energy in the game.

Living thy true self signifies breaking your ego

Our true self, nevertheless, is unaware of fear. It is embedded in the eternal whole and lives in connection with our immortal soul. If I wish to live my true being, then, naturally, I cannot successfully do so from one instant to the next.

If I focus on the true being at this very moment, however, then I achieved it in the now. Nonetheless, at the very beginning, I may run the risk of slipping into the identification with the mind all over again. It is, therefore, of the essence to train this self-awareness and knowledge.

It requires a certain amount of time, and we can never be sure of what shape the real self ultimately will take. Without training, however, one cannot reach the expertise level to get to the championship so fast.

No musician picks up an instrument and masters it perfectly without ever having practiced. This is the same with spiritual mastery.

Freeing oneself from identification with thought requires a state of conscious attention. You have to be mindful at all times to know whether you think or not.

Breaking your ego

Sometimes the act of breaking the ego can be an extraordinary hurtful process. It happens to some people after they have suffered a severe stroke of fate.

This can be served to you as a severe shock, such as an illness, the loss of a spouse, family member, the job and many other things. During times like these situations, the ego can break and the deeper level of our existence can appear.

Many people experienced a radical twist in their existence after such an event. However, do not be scared, as finding one’s true self does not always have to be accompanied by a difficult fate.

People can also diminish their self-identity by an active process of consciousness in favor of themselves.

Once you have been able to completely detach yourself from your identification with the ego, then you are free and can manifest everything you want in your life. But do not forget that this does usually not necessarily meet the requirements of our ego. Rather, it is the wonderful desires that come from the depths of our hearts.

The significants of the ego?

The famous spiritual teacher, Eckart Tolle, also sees the rise of the ego as an important step in the course of human history.

I’m quite certain that there existed a time span during the entire human evolution when we were still living at a stage before that of ego identity.

I assume that in those precious times, we were used to and capable of living in unison with nature and all that dwells on Earth.

I like to imagine that this was an extremely joyful and worry-free state of living. But the man could not be aware of these circumstances without an ego. He just lived this way without much consciousness. Thus, we require the ego stage for our awareness.

In order to reach spiritual; enlightenment spiritual, we must experience the ego stage first

For the expansion of our consciousness and the process of spiritual awakening, we must go beyond ego identity. Thus, the development of the ego, which we are going through at this moment, was most likely a vital stage.

Eckart Tolle is convinced that man cannot awaken without first developing an ego. For the awakening, man must have already practiced self-awareness, and with it the experience of separation, loss and lack.

Man must first lose the feeling of unity in order to be able to return to it later on a more conscious level. This happens because the previous connection to our divine source was largely unconscious.

Now we get the opportunity to experience and live the paradisiacal state of unity in full consciousness, which is like a quantum leap. For in this state, we can now also live as conscious creators on this earth.

Do not despise your own ego

We should not demonize our ego, therefore, as without it we could never reach awakening and fulfillment. Also, if we reject the self-identity within us, then we are separating a decisive part of ourselves.

Experiencing life in such a division is of little use to us in the end. The ego is not fundamentally bad. We should acknowledge and appreciate our minds for what they are capable of; to think clearly, to differentiate and to make rational decisions.

However, we should be mindful at all times and not give him supremacy, otherwise, we will strengthen the ego again.

Furthermore, the way we think others perceive us also heavily defines our ego. It is subject to all the reactions of others to us. In this lies another power of the consciousness, as through it we can also see that this is a pure illusion.

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