Things You Should Know About Letting Go And Setting Yourself Free


All you need to know about letting go, so you can reach freedom and inner peace

Happiness is not found with free will or through great effort, but is always there, complete and ready, in relaxation and in giving up any and everything that doesn’t serve you any longer. Thus, let’s talk about letting go, so you can finally reach the freedom and inner peace that you have been looking for so long.

Do not worry, there is nothing special for you to do.

Everything that appears in the mind has no meaning because it has no reality.

Don’t stick to it. Don’t judge. No matter how absurd it may sound to you right now, but it is all just an illusion.

Let the game run by itself – the tides come and go – without changing anything. Everything dissolves and begins again, incessantly.

Our search for happiness alone prevents us from seeing it. It is like a rainbow that you follow without ever reaching it, because fulfillment in the way you imagine it does not exist and has always been there and accompanies you at every moment.

Don’t think the good and bad experiences are real; they are like rainbows

You exhaust yourself in vain in the desire to attain what you cannot grasp. As soon as you let go of this desire, space is there – open, inviting, comfortable.

So use it. Everything is ready for you.

Don’t look any further. Don’t go looking for the elephant in the impenetrable jungle who is already at home.

Do nothing,

Do not force anything

Don’t want anything

– and everything happens by itself

~ Lama Gendün Rinpoche ~

Nobody is really free as long as they are still attached to material things, to locations or to people. We must learn how to value material goods correctly. They are there for us to use. It’s right to utilize them, that’s what they’re there for.

But when its usefulness is exhausted, be ready to let it go, and maybe give it to someone who really needs it. Everything that you cannot let go of when it has lost its usefulness is yours, and in this materialistic age, quite a few of us are possessed by it. Thus, we are not free.

There is another type of pursuit. You have no other person, no matter how close that other person is to you. No man owns his wife. No woman owns a man. If we believe that we have people, or that they belong to us, we tend to take their lives into our own hands.

This ultimately leads to an extremely inharmonious situation. Only when we realize that we don’t have/own them, that they have to live in harmony with their own inner motivations, do we stop trying to live their lives for them.

Then we discover that we can live in harmony with them. Everything you want to hold on to will hold you down – and if you desire freedom, you have to grant freedom.

The searcher has to give in order to receive

Letting go means making a clear and conscious decision about God, the Univers, or the higher source. And God gives me the answer to what I can do. That means being responsible: carrying God’s/Source’s answer into the world!

Those who let go have two free hands * Asian saying

It is an everlasting practice, down here in the material sphere ~ letting go ~. I have learned that my wish is usually fulfilled if I let go of it completely after it has become conscious.

I also have learned that people who I let go of in love are complete with me and when I hold onto things, situations or people that are actually long lost, that robs my energy, my life force.

When I LET GO, I, at the same time, release stuck energies.

From childhood I have learned that persistence and biting through are virtues. On the other hand, who gives up within our society shows weakness or is even a failure.

However, letting go is not synonymous with resignation – it is rather the healthy insight that we have done our utmost and that staying in the situation does us more harm than good.

Everything in life has a sense. And where one door closes, another opens

Dear starlings

Perchance today you may be convinced that this particular job, which you did not get now, would have been your greatest opportunity in life.

Do not forget, however, that it was certainly not your only one. In the foreseeable future there will be new opportunities that may be much more suitable, profitable, and joy bearing for you.

But for that you have to let go of your disappointment and frustration and open yourself up with trust and faith – knowing that the Universe always works in the best favor for you.

I hope this brief post about letting go helps you in achieving complete fulfillment very soon. In the meantime, I am sending you lot of peace, healing, love and light energy.

You are immensely cherished and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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