Trust The Universe – Where We Are Going & Remain Optimistic


“Trust the Universe” means “Have Faith In Yourself”

Have faith “Everything will be fine.” Whoever can trust the Universe and pronounce this sentence from the depths of his soul with the fullest conviction, does have enough confidence already. Thus, he really does not need to internalize this chapter. By the way, congratulations on this attitude. It is one of the main achievements.

The entire concept is so simple, really, but, unfortunately, most of us tend to forget the universal truth. Every single one of us is part of the Universe; a real-life part of it. Thus, we should be able to trust the Universe completely and without any doubts.

Boosting your confidence with help from the Universe

But who belongs to this group of people? Rather a very few. For the rest, it is worthwhile to strengthen your own confidence in order to get one step closer to personal happiness. First of all, the question arises: “Trust is good, but in what exactly?”

Let’s start with confidence in yourself. “Do I really dare? Do I actually have enough faith in myself? If not, then why is it that way? Am I lying to myself? Am I not honest with myself? Am I just kidding myself?”


Right, we have just returned to authenticity. Only if I’m honest with myself, I can trust myself.

Let’s go a little further and ask the question: “Do I dare to do things in life?” Now this answer will be much more difficult.

Self-confidence without self-doubt is often not so easy. At the same time, we can grow above us in crisis situations.


We are strong then, and much more powerful than we ever thought. Why is it that we are able to do much more in extreme situations?

Simple answer: Because a lot of skill is hidden in us, which we do not reveal and mostly aren’t even aware of. This does not mean that we as non-mathematicians should find the solution to any complicated formula in a jiffy. After all, you do not have to know everything. Exactly, such things are more related to the term “knowledge.”

Optimistic folks

Optimistic people like to respond to the question of a certain skill: “I do not know if I can, I have not tried it yet.” That’s exactly the right attitude, which, however, is not possible with little self-confidence. Trust in ourselves can only go hand in hand with pronounced self-esteem.

Here, therefore, the lever must be set. How about speaking some affirmations each day stating that you are really worth something without instilling doubts and discouragement at the same time?

Of course, trust can also refer to life itself. Trusting that everything has a deeper meaning makes a lot of things so much easier. Even if the perhaps mystical sense is not, or not yet, clearly recognizable, trust facilitates life essentially.


In and of itself, the higher power (Source, Universe, God, etc.) could now come into play. But why talk about faith when it comes to the higher source? Is it not enough to know and trust?

Who believes is not 100 percent certain. Even with all the hope involved, there still is a good deal of doubt at hand, too.


However, to truly live in full happiness we require trust, in my most personal opinion. Trust in the Universe, in which everything has its order.

There is no right or wrong and no such term as “sin” within the universal laws. Everything has its purpose and is perfect just the way it is at all present moments.

Where are we going?

The idea that we have chosen a task for each life that does not always have to be easy to learn provides satisfaction and reconciliation in adverse circumstances.

Add to that the thought that there will be more lives, too. Also, there is only love and understanding in the astral world instead of hell and damnation. Thus, you do not have to be afraid of death anymore.


Where do we go? The apparent path that lies ahead of us is often only over a relatively short distance. What awaits us beyond that remains hidden from the eye. Something similar happens to us daily on our way of life.

Here, too, one can guess the progress of things, but there is never a guarantee.


It is more like a constant expectancy with a previously not suspected surprise. Thus, what exactly is in the area that is now in the shadow? – A question for which there is no concrete answer.

Live in the present

So what’s left for us not to go mad with fear of possibly occurring or unpredictable events? Having faith in everything that is and what will be tomorrow is the correct answer. The daily affirmation “EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD” can restore our basic trust in case you lost it in any way.

One must learn to live in the present; to be in the moment and nowhere else. It’s because many folks live in the past, which creates depression. So, they simply cannot trust. The same counts for those who always put their concentration into the future. All they do is create anxiety and panic disorders for themselves.


Be mindful of every single thing that you are doing. If you are reading this article right now, pause one moment, and consciously tell yourself “I am reading this article right now.” Do this with every task during the day. Focus only on what you are dealing with at the very instance.

Soon, you will figure that there is no past, no future and that right now, at that very moment, you are alright and nothing is amiss.


If you practice this exercise diligently and on a daily basis, you will soon be depression, worry and anxiety-free. That I promise you!

A positive mindset is the key

Isn’t it somehow exciting that we cannot plan life down to the last detail? After all, it does not always have to be a negative aspect that awaits us tomorrow. Maybe the next day will have pleasant surprises in store?

Why do we rather succumb to nerve-racking fears instead of awaiting the future in joyful anticipation? What is lacking is a healthy, positive mindset

Let us, therefore, get used to pleasant thoughts that allow us to look to the future with confidence. If, instead, negative thinking patterns creep in, it helps to consciously remember beautiful moments.


This is not a flight, because after all, it does not help anybody, and us least of all when anxiety in the epigastrium keeps us constantly away from experiencing happiness.

And where are we truly going now? Let us surprise ourselves and trust that ultimately everything will be fine.

It is important that we unerringly pursue our path and get up again, should we occasionally stumble over obstacles.


A healthy optimism carries unforeseen forces in itself. What is meant is no positive thinking at any price. Much more should an optimistic attitude be the goal. Life is much easier if you try to can perceive the good side of everything.

Even crises and negative experiences have at least the effect of learning something. Maybe, it was time to do just that? Perhaps, it was an essential lesson in order to expand even further. Perchance, this will help to better manage a similar situation in the future.

And that’s what happiness is all about

If there is optimism, it is almost impossible to brood. Anyone who is eagerly awaiting new, unknown things can certainly be more successful, whether it’s a new acquaintance, a new job or another project.

Of course, sometimes a bit of skepticism is appropriate in this day and age, but it should not diminish or even negate the positive expectations.


A person who believes in goodness feels light and elated. Miserable thoughts, however, feel like someone has tied a clump of lead on each of your limbs and make life even heavier and harder. A light heart enhances the feeling of floating on clouds.

Mostly we have the choice of whether we want to make the moment that we are experiencing easier or rather difficult.


You have to remember that you are the creator of your life and its entire story.

Although we sometimes believe that certain circumstances do not allow easy living, we can at least let optimistic thoughts make moments simpler for a while.

Despite all the catastrophes that happen on Earth every day, we do not change anything if we let our personal optimism fade away. We do not necessarily feel responsible for the various bad things happening on our planet, although we are co-creating each happening.

However, even if our hands are tied, and we cannot physically step up to give support, we can most certainly engage other people with our optimism. And – a person who believes in goodness is not capable of doing anything wrong in and out of himself.

So let’s just believe that EVERYTHING IS GOOD and ALL makes SENSE – because it truly IS.

You are an infinite being and your current experience as a human is merely an adventure, which you have chosen to be part of. Why? So you can grow, expand and rise. You are here to recreate the world – your world. Make it the way you want it to be. And while you’re at it, you also change the vibration and dimension of the rest of the world.


Personal note

What I’m trying to say here is that your thoughts and actions become reality. And, believe it or not, they do have an enormous impact on your fellow beings, on nature, the entire planet and the Universe itself. So, free yourself from your limiting beliefs, because in order for you to create a better place, you need to have unwavering faith.

My co-creators, I know this may sound like a gospel out of Sunday mass, but it isn’t so. If you are on your path of awakening and are going through the awakening process, then you get the sense of what I am talking about.

So, let me know about your experiences, please? Do you already trust the Universe to the fullest? If so, would you like to share your exciting story with us and maybe some tips on how to make this transition easier?

If so, then please leave a comment below. We are always looking forward to hearing from you. Also, do share, like and follow us on social media to spread the word and keep updated.

Meanwhile, stay aware of how precious, unique, beautiful and endlessly loved you are. Don’t let energy suckers and negativity bring you down. Stay tall, know thy powers and keep on sparkling.

I’m sending you much love, clarity, peace, joy and an abundance of all good things. ~Namaste~

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow

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