Universal Guidance For Tomorrow – Create A Spiritual “Evening Prayer”


How to ask for Universal guidance for tomorrow – Instructions for a spiritual “bedtime prayer”

I want to share with you how simple and effective it is to ask for Universal guidance for tomorrow. Researchers have found that the last 15 minutes in the evening, before we turn off the lights and lay ourselves to sleep, once again represent important minutes for our brains. This is a small window of opportunity in which the brain works highly efficiently, and sleep does the rest.

During my own investigations, I encountered that this mechanism has proven to me to be astonishingly sustainable. I often tried to prepare my next day’s assignments in the afternoon, while at the same time dealing with a side job and household affairs.

Thus, sometimes, I only had a small timeframe in the evening, which I could dedicate to my subject matter. More often than not it so happened my eyes would close quickly, as soon as it was getting dark outside in the evening and quiet in my apartment.


Remember that our subconscious mind works nonstop!

My point is, that the learning process does not end there. Just because I closed my eyes and fell asleep does not mean that my brain shut down, too. Quite on the contrary! While we sleep, our brain’s work actually starts.

In order to reach and permanently store certain information in the memory and consciousness, a part of our brain enters the cerebral cortex and the long-term memory from the hippocampus.

These two parts function as a kind of temporary storage system. Scientists compare these nocturnal processes in the brain with constant downloading and saving.

However, the brain also sets priorities there and prefers, above all, the information that is particularly linked to emotional experience. This means that the more emotional an event was, the sooner it will adopt and save it.

So if you’ve tried to memorize dry theoretical content in the evening, and immediately after that a call arrives that will set off strong emotions within you, your brain will most likely take on more of the latter information than the things you actually wanted to learn.

Use this knowledge to replace negative beliefs

We should utilize these mechanisms of action well to restructure negative beliefs in us and replace them with new thoughts. There are a few important and universal affirmations that affect almost every person.

For example, we are Westerners, thus, we are chronically, massively ill from the “I’m not good enough” dogma! So, if we can make ourselves some negative sentence believe, then we can use also a positive version well in the evening to attract more positivity the next day.

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The faith in ourselves

I am not a believer in the classical sense, and, nevertheless, I believe that the practice of prayer has salutary effects and may even enhance or complement one’s own meditation practice.

Actually, I rather reject religious content, do not want to submit myself to any dogmas, but believe in what my own and pure experience shows me to be true. Nevertheless, I can identify more and more with the concept of divinity, even if it is in my understanding just not bound to religion.

I believe in the Universe as a higher power as the ultimate source which created all the wonderful things around me. And I’m convinced that everything in this vast room has a deeper meaning. Life, if you trust it, runs like a huge, oversized clockwork in which everything happens as it has to.

Everything is allowed to happen. However, we are not simply helpless at the things that occur to and around us. No, because I am so sure that our actions, attitudes to, and views of, and our thoughts affect what the Universe is giving us.

A very personal “evening prayer” to ask for guidance for the next day

So do not look at it as a prayer in the classical sense. By all means, do replace the word with something more suitable for you, if it bothers you badly in this context.

To tune in to what I want to accomplish, connecting with the higher powers, and taking advantage of the Law of Attraction, it is good to use that small window of opportunity in the evening for yourself. Many people still meditate at the hour before bedtime.

For example, as a conclusion to the day, to relive and feel the occurrences again, and to perceive what traces the events of the day left in them.


A spiritual evening prayer of 3 components

You can adapt this kind of evening prayer completely new every evening to what you currently need. It is almost not a rigid entity like the “Our father”.

Maybe it is not even a prayer for you. I only use this word here, because I have no other choice for what I could compare to it. You might want to call it the archaic way, an “orison” if you wish.


Many people have now developed a certain gratitude practice. This means that in the evening, some of them practice this in the morning, they are grateful for certain things that they encountered during the day.

For example, one can be grateful that one is healthy, for things that have happened to one in a positive as well as a negative sense.

Because even negative experiences contain a message and always the possibility for personal inner growth. You can also just be thankful that you are happy and feeling fulfilled.

You can say grace for the sun shining, that you were in the flow with your life, that you ate something delicious.

If nothing else comes up, then be grateful for the roof over your head, water to drink and the air that you breathe. Gratitude, and whatever the cause you are thankful for, maybe so small and insignificant to others, but it is always a very personal thing. And anyway, nothing at all is too negligible to be grateful for!

So just be aware of what you are saying grace for that day.

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An affirmation, or a Sankalpa, is a positively formulated wish, will or intention. So an intent that gives your thoughts a kind of direction, so to say, a positive course.

A kind of decision as a concrete concern, which is addressed to God, to the divinity, the source, the Universe (as I said, the terminology is completely up to you.) Choose something that only resonates with you!

Then see what you need right now. What negative belief did you come into contact with that day? Where have resistances occurred in you?

Formulate this belief, similarly buoyant to an affirmation, which should then make your thoughts so undoubtedly positive. This can look like this:

I believe in myself.
I deserve a life in abundance.
I am enough, just as I am.
I trust myself.

Of course, these may also be several affirmations. Then, according to your gratitude practice, integrate this into your “evening prayer” and then say it three times in a row, determined and confident.

Feel your conviction for these sentences. If you do not feel the sentences, check your affirmation or Sankalpa again. Then maybe you have not hit the core of your concern properly.

Asking for guidance

And last, formulate your request for leadership.

That may be the request for guidance in an important decision you need to make. For example, whether you should accept the job offer or not, or if you should take the step into self-employment.

Whether you should ask the boss for a personal interview, to clarify a particular issue, and if it would be the right time to raise a salary.

Ask for guidance on whether you should book coaching or further education in order to develop yourself in a part of your life.

However, you can also ask for help during an exam, leadership in a particular approach or accompaniment in an important event. You can ask for anything you feel that you need support with.

Forward this request to the Universe, then go to sleep and stay open the next day for the responses.


How and when do I use it?

Especially for the meditation offers in the evening. Once you have finished with your actual meditation, stay for a few moments with the Anjali-Mudra.

This is the “Namasté” hand position, which those of you who practice Yoga also know. It resembles the classic prayer position of the hands.

Many yogis and meditators begin and end most of their practice with this mudra. They do this to attune themselves to practice in the beginning. Furthermore, as to say thanks for what they have received and the experiences they have made at the end.

They express their gratitude towards the Universe, the higher self, and themselves. It is important to acknowledge yourself, too, for the time that you have taken for yourselves.

Alternatively, you may put one hand or both on your heart as an expression of your connection to your higher self.

Then go through your “prayer”, your request for guidance, either quietly in thought, whispering or speaking clearly.

Do this at a pace that is comfortable for you, and connect yourself deeply with the words that you speak. Affirmatively and truly feel what you say for the Universe to receive your message.

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Writing as an alternative to prayer

Of course, I know that not all people still meditate in the evening, but would still like to have guidance. Naturally, that’s not an issue. Journals are very popular and widespread today; a kind of diary or notebook.

You can use it to write down all of your thoughts and the things that move one. A penned down examination of oneself; a written self-reflection, so to speak.

So you can get yourself a pretty notebook if you do not have one yet. Then, simply jot down every night all that you’re grateful for.

While doing so, stick to a positive belief or affirmation, and formulate a request for leadership in a matter of your choosing. Make this really personal. Treat it, as if you were writing a letter to a dear friend.

And then stay open the following day for the signs of the Universe. Watch out for synchronicity, the signs the higher powers send you to answer your questions, assist you in making decisions, and guide you.

Be very attentive! The Universe is playful and creative with its messages. The answers are not as one-to-one as in a dialogue. You must pay attention if you’re not yet practiced listening to the Universe.


Dear starlings,

Please know that I am wishing you all the success while asking for Universal guidance for tomorrow. Keep in mind that the Universe does not favor anyone else over you. If you are not receiving the requested response, then it might be whether due to your inattentiveness, or you simply lack faith and self believe.

The Universe loves you, and it will always give you what you really focus on. Thus, make sure that you are not getting distracted with some doubts or negative side-thoughts. Once you master this, and I believe it is the toughest part, you will be able to manifest like a wizard himself.

In the meantime, please, help to spread the word about our website. This way, many others can visit and learn new things, grab free ebooks and get personal advice and talk time when going through a rough awakening phase.

As always, I’m pouring out all my love and healing energy to you all. Never forget that you are special spiritual beings with unique missions to fulfill. For this, I want to thank you. Always keep in mind that you are cherished,  highly appreciated and immeasurably loved, no matter what others might say. Thus, keep on sparkling, my starlings. ~Namaste~


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