Using The Power Of Thought To Create Your Dream Life


How to use the power of thought and attract everything you truly desire

Most people are not aware of what they think all day long. But we can consciously and purposefully use the power of thought to shape our lives according to our wishes.

Essential things to know about your thoughts

If we think badly, we harm ourselves and others. Maybe we’ll find ourselves thinking we’re too old, too ugly, too bad, too fat, unsuccessful, unskilled, or insignificant. We may have already manifested something self-destructive.

Whatever we think about ourselves or others comes back to us. For example, when I think bad about a colleague at work, I send out negative energy. This energy can then build something up.

Even if the negative thought should not harm the colleague, it ultimately harms me. This is how the law of resonance works. And not only that. What we think also affects our environment.

With bad thoughts, we not only hurt ourselves. We also harm the whole family, our inner child, our soul, the creation itself and also the whole earth. And because we are part of the earth, we are doing ourselves the damage.

No more bad thoughts!

Most people are not even aware of their thoughts. What do you think all day, and what words are shaped by your thoughts? What are you literally throwing out into the world all day?

I do something to everyone I think bad about, and ultimately to myself. Why don’t we just stop thinking about things that don’t get us anywhere?

Our thoughts are extremely powerful creation tools. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the power of thought was withheld from us for life. Almost no child found out about it while growing up.

And, therefore, hardly anyone has learned to apply thought hygiene. The bad thinking, however, was really inoculated into us. It is still considered to be rather virtuous, fearful and concerned about going through life.

So most people almost always focus their attention on problems and difficulties. And in doing so, they always create new problems and difficulties. If you keep talking about your illnesses, you will always create new ones.

Consciously used thought power creates the desired reality

Thoughts have the power to change and create reality. Awareness creates our external reality and consciously used thought power can make us powerful creators. We all have enormous creative powers, but unfortunately, our manifestations are rarely conscious.

It is important to keep this in mind for us. In each and every one of us, there are huge powers and abilities. Because the human mind has almost unlimited possibilities. Unfortunately, most people don’t use them because they don’t know about them.

If you know and master the rules of life properly, you can really take the lead over your life. And the prerequisite for this is to consciously take possession of your power of thought, which can only be achieved with thought hygiene.

We can, therefore, consciously and purposefully use the power of our thoughts to shape our lives according to our wishes. Everything we can think, imagine and believe we can also realize.

Each person can choose how his life should go with his thoughts. And then life shows us what we have chosen. We also have the chance to choose again at any moment. Then a whole new game of life begins.

Life obeys clear laws

The spiritual laws work and apply without restriction. Life can only manifest what I have caused through thoughts and feelings. It is neither a matter of chance, luck, or bad luck. Here the law of cause and effect applies, the law of resonance and also the fact that energy follows attention.

Thoughts are energies and depending on what I direct my attention to, I control their flow. That way I can decide for myself whether I should pay attention to a given thing or not.

Few people are concerned with how their thinking tool really works. It would be far more rewarding than most of what we do all day. We have 40-80,000 thoughts a day. Can we somehow bring order to this?

If we are aware that a negative thought only causes a negative event, then we can act accordingly. Likewise, a positive thought only causes a positive event.

Because according to the law of resonance, our thoughts draw exactly those events into our lives that correspond to our thinking.

What does not correspond to this will then be reliably kept away from us. We are often disappointed when one or the other thing we would have longed for has not happened.

In such a case, we should especially “rethink” our thinking. Because only with the targeted use of thoughts and mind control can we create what we want.

How can we control our thoughts?

Exercises in thought hygiene

Because everything is coming back to us, we should fundamentally no longer allow ourselves to think anything bad. An obstructive, fateful belief can also develop from an already manifested thought.

Therefore, we should practice mind hygiene or mind care every hour of the day. In order to master your thinking instrument, it is almost essential to keep checking your thoughts throughout the day.

As a reminder, there are corresponding apps for the cell phone or watches and bracelets that send vibrations or an acoustic signal. These are the most appropriate means of mind control.

You can be reminded every hour during the day and briefly recall what you think and feel.

The weight of bad thoughts pulls us down, we cannot get up when such a weight pushes us. Everything destructive, everything burdensome pulls us down.

Everything is basically homemade. It is enough to start the day with negative thoughts about the weather. We have already sent out negative energy.

Enjoy what is

I am not in pain right now, do I have a roof over my head and can I prepare a delicious meal? Then I could enjoy what is right now and enjoy the moment.

This is how I enrich and beautify my life, even if a lot is not ideal. When I do this, I specifically direct my attention to wonderful things.

Then my energy flows and the destructive gets no more energy. In this way, over time, I can remove everything that is stressful from my life.

How do I deal with unpleasant things?

Acting like this does not mean anything, of course, closing your eyes to unpleasant facts. But I don’t feed the negative anymore and don’t allow myself to get caught in it.

The best strategy in such a case is to accept the supposedly bad, send love in and then gratefully let it go again. And then I focus again on the things that please me.

And this I do consistently, however bad I am feeling or my situation looks like at the moment. Because after that I’m most certainly much better. We should make this attitude a daily habit. Thought hygiene is at least as important as our personal hygiene.

Receive the gifts of life

We can approach the uncomfortable things, however bad, with a different attitude. It consists of investigating the possibly positive aspect of a predicament. It may be a hidden gift for me.

Gifts are generally positive and can please us. If I get a gift for anything that I find unpleasant, the event is nowhere near as bad. Maybe I only come across it now to have a new experience?

Or is it a reminder that I have just moved away from my own center? There is something positive hidden in everything that initially seems bad, negative and angry to us.

So we can make it a habit to look for hidden gifts in all negative things. This can be very helpful and even fun.

Bring love to life with mind control

Thought hygiene is one of our best tools to get to the highest form of love. Love is the highest power in the Universe. She knows no evil thoughts and there are no fears or worries in love.

Exercises in self-love and the self-healing techniques SHT®, according to Roberto Antela Martinez, which I also use in my own practice, support us in learning thought hygiene.

Because it is very important to train mind control. The same applies here: only practice makes perfect. You shouldn’t give up too quickly and also pay attention to the small steps.

It is advisable to continue the thought process until it has become automatic. Then, over time, we will notice faster and faster if we think something that is not beneficial for us.

And we are aware of that very quickly with the others, too. Many people are completely exhausted because they put all their energy into unnecessary brooding.

However, you should avoid doing anything to blame yourself for bad thoughts. That would give the unwanted thing even more energy. And that can pull us down extra.

It is also important to forgive yourself for all the negative thoughts and then re-focus as you wish. Because in the garden of my mind I can only harvest what I have sown before.

Dear starlings

Now it is time to have your say about the power of thought and thought hygiene. How do you practice it? Feel free to share your story with us in the comment section below. We are always excited to be reading from you.

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Never forget that you are spiritual light beings, and you came here to discover, explore and expand. You entered the earth plane to create a much more beautiful and fulfilling place to live in for the entire collective.

Thus, thank you for your dedication, bravery and existence. Always remember that you are part of the infinite source and that you are highly appreciated and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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