What Are Subliminals And The Benefits Of Listening To Them


What are subliminals and why are they so powerful?

In this post, I want to explain to you what are subliminals and the great power they hold. Subliminals are audio recordings that contain subliminal information.

Recorded affirmations, which are positive suggestions, and the charged frequency of this recording allows for the human ear not to hear the affirmations. Instead, the subconscious mind takes them in.

What is special about it is that because we avoid the consciousness that could block these affirmations, they actually directly arrive and act in the subconscious.

You have to imagine that the subconscious is like the software of a computer. For example, you install a program that not only allows you to write a letter but also to change the font.

Installing a new software

If this software does not contain a specific font, you cannot change the font to it. So you need to install a program that includes this font.

For instance, if you want to change one aspect of yourself, e.g. to become more confident, you have to change this in your software.

Unfortunately, this does not work as quickly as with PC software. There is a good reason for this, as it actually prevents chaos from happening.

Imagine if the programming of the subconscious mind responds to any information, then we would immediately implement everything someone tells us or that we overhear someplace.

Take a TV, for example, and tight now the ad-block is broadcasting. If everything would enter the subconscious mind this fast then you would drop everything and instantly run to buy the washing powder and candy that they advertised in the ad-block. Not ideal, right?

Confront your subconscious repeatedly with the new data

So we must confront the subconscious mind more often with the same information so that it causes a difference and, thus, changes the programming of the subconscious mind.

When we teach a child something, it often has to repeat this knowledge. The same applies to education. The same is true if you want to change something about yourself.

You have to do this deliberately for at least 3, preferably 4 weeks, then you got used to it to some extent. However, if you bring about a change purely with the will, a relapse can still occur if the change is not completely anchored in the subconscious. You can do that with a sub-criminal.

That is why subliminals are so effective. But notice: You have to listen to a subliminal for at least 4 weeks every day, or have it played within earshot.

What are Silent Subliminals?

I like silent subliminals because you can play them at any time without them disturbing you and so they don’t take any extra time or focus.

Subliminals with natural sounds or soft music are also pleasant. You can set the tone very quietly, because the subconscious can also record very low spoken texts. I play subliminals while working on my laptop.

Your conscious mind can only absorb a certain quantity of information, your subconscious mind is infinitely receptive.

This means you can work on the PC while a subliminal plays and your subconscious mind picks up the subliminal’s information.

But for a certain subliminal to work, you have to listen to this subliminal once a day for at least 4 weeks. I recommend that you play this subliminal from time to time.

Should you listen to multiple subliminals at the same time?

You can listen to multiple subliminals at the same time, but I advise against it. I recommend choosing 1 to 3 sublimals and then listening to them one by one every day.

I write that you should listen to a subliminal for at least 4 weeks. But it depends on what you want to change. Let’s say you have a healthy self-confidence, but want to get an even stronger self-esteem like Donald Trump, for example.

If you listen to a subliminal that boosts your confidence, it will be better after 4 weeks, but far from being as strong as Donald Trump’s.

In this case, you should listen to this subliminal until you have irrefutable, world-winning confidence like real estate magnate and president D. Trump.

Think about what you want to change about yourself. To do this, select subliminal in the form of MP3s to download.

Now set priorities and listen to 1 to 3 subliminals a day for 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the changes you want in yourself and your life.

Then listen to the next 1 to 3 subliminals a day for 4 to 6 weeks. Then observe yourself. If you are still not completely satisfied with your change in a certain area, then you will continue to listen to the subliminal that will support you for a few more weeks.

Keep working on yourself this way. Remember that a subliminal only has a supporting effect and you have to take action yourself.

In the case of self-confidence, visualize and see yourself in different situations as you appear with very strong self-esteem.

My experience with subliminals

I have had good experiences with subliminal and subliminal MP3 downloads. It’s not that I noticed a rapid change, sometimes not even after three or four weeks.

The thing is that what you want to achieve with a particular subliminal MP3 slowly takes effect in you and then more and more until you become aware that you have achieved what you wanted to reach.

At first, I thought that this method didn’t do anything for me. I said to myself:” Well, the download didn’t cost much either, so not a big loss there.”

And then I noticed that it did help a little and from that day it got only better and better. I was no longer the same.

I had achieved that and more with both regular and silent subliminals. I have achieved beyond my expectations, to be honest, and I am grateful.

Now there is another great thing: If you change one aspect of your life, others also change, including aspects that have nothing to do with what you have achieved with the subliminal.

Choose either subliminals or affirmations

Subliminals and affirmations bring about a positive change and so everything else surrounding you changes in  positive ways, too.

Unfortunately, subliminals have been discredited since an attempt was made to be conducted in the United States. They made a subliminal recording in a movie theater with suggestions that should make cinema-goers buy popcorn and cola.

And, indeed, the sales figures increased noticeably. Since then, they’ve banned this method. Just think about your shopping behavior. If you believe that they don’t influence you at the store or mall, then you’re mistaken!

The TV and radio advertisements you see and hear have the same effect. If you see the same advertisement for a longer period of time, this effect increases.

A friend said that she would not try subliminals because she was afraid of being given a negative suggestion. Why should a subliminal producer do that?

Subliminals have the purpose of improving or changing a certain area of ​​a person. For example, if a subliminal is supposed to help you lose weight, the producer will speak of affirmations that will help you lose weight.

If this subliminal had a different effect, no one would buy subliminal anymore. It is also possible to change the frequency of a subliminal so that you can hear the suggestions. Every subliminal producer has to count on that.

Dear starlings

I hope that I could answer your questions about what are subliminals. As a fact, they are truly helpful tools. Try it, or go for affirmations instead where you can hear every suggestion.

Listen to any of them once or twice a day for several weeks, and you will see at first slow, but steady, and then drastic positive changes.

Please, my starlings, do share your experiences, questions and other contributions regarding this topic with us in a comment below.

Also, dear starlings, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends. This way, I can write more informative posts, add tips, free ebooks and offer private chat sessions for those of you in need of advice or encouragement during your time of spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that you are precious light beings, heer to absorb, expand, have fun and create a blissful and loving dimension for all of us to live in harmony.

You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~




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