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What if there truly is reincarnation? What would this mean for the collective?

I am reading a book that is actually a case study of a psychiatrist with a patient. However, it more likely reads like a thriller. Because what started out as innocent hypnosis to get to the bottom of the patient’s anxiety disorders, quickly became reincarnation therapy.

The patient, Catherine, slipped into earlier incarnations of herself and found the cause of her many anxiety disorders.

I do not want to go into any further details about whether reincarnation and this book really happened or whether it is nonsense.

The fact is, nonetheless, that on page 126 the psychiatrist (a world-renowned and renowned specialist) expresses a few thoughts that I would like to share with you.

If reincarnation does exist, what would that mean for us?

What is reincarnation?

A short hanger, the way that the book (The numerous lives of the soul) expresses incarnation: When a person dies, a white, bright, warm light appears. The soul goes into the light and finds itself in the midst of other souls, master souls (angels, prophets) and an omnipresent, wise presence (God, the Source?).

Many religious people understand this place to be heaven, for others it is the place of fulfillment. One way or another, until now the majority of people who went through and described their NDEs (Near-Death Experiences), stated that they have never felt so much love before.

That the kind of love and security they had experienced during their time out of their bodies one cannot describe with simple words. Most of these people did not want to return, but were not allowed to stay, as they received the information that they had to come back to fulfill a special mission.

However, in the case of bodily death, the soul remains in the unknown dimension for some time. Some say it sums up the events of the past life: all mistakes that have been made and lessons that have been learned along with improvements. Then the soul reflects on the sum and prepares itself for a new entry into the earth plane.

After a certain time, the soul decides that it is time to go back into a body (reasons are given in the book) and a new life cycle begins. The new person (with an old soul) does not know anything about reincarnation – he suspects it, but he is not aware of it.

Some say that we actually do remember where we came from and why we are here up until we reach a certain age (between 2 to four years of age). Past this age, we forget, or perchance the Source, or God, wants us to forget as otherwise the magic of discovery and further learning would become meaningless?

The book repeatedly mentions that the soul can take worries, fears, joys, talents and knowledge with it into other incarnations, though.

What if reincarnation really exists? A mind game

Now there is page 126 from the book “The numerous lives of the soul” by Brian L. Weiss:

He’s just thinking about what if reincarnation and heaven really existed …

Life is endless, so we never die and we are never really born. If people knew that, this fear (fear of death) would dissolve.

If they knew that they had lived countless times before and will live countless times, how comforted they would feel.

If they knew that spirits (other souls and angels) were there to assist them while they were in the physical body and near-death area, in the spiritual state, they would join these spirits, including their deceased relatives,

How good that would do them.

If you knew the Guardian Angels really exist, how much safer would you feel?

If they knew that acts of violence and injustice towards people did not go unnoticed, but had to be compensated for in other lives, how much less anger and vengefulness would they carry within.

And if it was true that we could “get closer to God” trough lifelong learning and gaining knowledge,  then what use would material goods or power have for us when they are not means for this purpose? There is no point in being greedy or hungry for power!

Dear starlings

Just read this post without a rating or judgment. What would the above-mentioned philosophy change in your life if it were true? And, I, for some reason and gut feeling, do believe that it is. If, for example, we take good and bad deeds (karma) and learning (knowledge) with us into the next life?

Maybe that’s the reason why bad things still happen to many people who are basically doing good in their recent lives. That’s when you hear people say “What have I done to deserve this?!” It’s probably karma at work correcting some wrongdoings from the past life.

Anyway, that’s just my musing, and the book and the option of reincarnation (in line with the Christian faith or without belief at all) make me think a lot about this subject…

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