What is Love Really? Find Out And Heal Your Old Wounds


Not sure what is love really? Rediscover its power and heal your old pain

Love is a word that is often misunderstood, but what is love really? What’s does it truly mean and how can it help us in our development?

In this article you will learn what the most common misunderstandings about love are, what their true nature is and how you can use their strength to work through your past.

The huge potential of heart energy

Without question, love is an emotional climax that our lives can reach. However, it can be much more.

If you understand the basics of how it works, it can be a force to transform your life!

In order to really grasp what it is all about, it is first necessary to recognize the illusions that we often have about it.

Illusions about love

Today the media sells us all sorts of things that in truth have nothing to do with her.

As a result, many people live with misconceptions about love. For this reason, some never find real access to it.

Here are a few examples:

To love as a barter?

If you only feel love when someone meets your expectations, you have misunderstood something.

Love is not a consequence of our selfish expectations!

It can only really appear when the ego is ready to surrender.

Love as something physical?

You may feel love during physical contact with your partner. In itself, however, it has nothing to do with this contact.

It can exist without physical contact having to happen.

Love as a thought?

Some people equate love with loving thoughts. This idea is simply wrong.

You can also perceive love without having to raise a thought!

It may be that thoughts about love create pleasant thoughts. However, these notions are at most a symptom that there is love.

Love as mere emotion?

It may be that love triggers an emotional reaction. However, it would be extremely immature to limit it to that.

It is an intense form of energy, while other emotions (except anger) are not based on such intense energy.

In addition to these examples, there are likely to be a few others on how love can be misunderstood. However, the ones listed here should be sufficient to make the following part easier to grasp.

Recognize the silence of the heart

Love can help us deal with our past issues. For this, however, we have to recognize what our heart space is like.

Try the following:

Sit upright and close your eyes.
Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose a few times.
Pay full attention to your heart.
Perceive the silence in your heart

After a while you will notice that thoughts only arise when your attention drifts from the heart.

Thoughts are necessary to maintain psychological reality, but love is independent of it!

So when you stay in your heart, thoughts have no power over you. This freedom is exactly what we want to achieve. Here is an important fact:

In the moments when you are in the silence of the heart with your attention, there is no personal identity!

Your identity only exists in interaction with the thoughts.

The key to healing

If there is no identity in the heart it means that you are free in the heart of everything that has hurt you in the past, or what you are worried about in the future.

It may be that thoughts or emotions from the past come up again and again, but they have no influence on the silence of your heart.

Because your past cannot harm you when you linger in your heart, you gradually learn that you are really free of it.

Just keep coming back to the heart with your attention, this will gradually dissolve all your wounds!

You may have to sit down with your eyes closed initially, or use loving thoughts to help keep your attention in your heart.

Over time, however, it will become easier and easier for you to stay in the silence of the heart with your attention in everyday life. As a result, the pain from the past has less and less influence on you.

The path of inner transformation

If you keep your attention in your heart space, the nature of your energy will gradually change. This adaptation makes it easier for you to get out of the influences of psychological identity and thoughts.

This inner transformation is an important step in the right direction. But what is the real goal of this trip?

The goal is to recognize your original essence, which is free from all the influences of the world and is perfectly happy in itself!

Experience the true self

To recognize this original self and to live consciously in it is the real goal of human existence. When this goal is achieved, you have found the inner source of happiness.

No matter what situation you will get in life, you will not miss anything!

There are various methods to support and promote this inner transformation process. Yoga is the science that deals with this topic.

Dear starlings

Did you find the answer to what is love really here? To put it simple: Love reaches out to you to grow beyond the suffering of the past and the future.

It is also a good basis for achieving true self-knowledge. All you have to do is accept it and start centering in your heart!



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