What Is The Crown Chakra & Its Connection To The Kundalini Awakening


What is the crown chakra good for? All flows through the 7th energy field, thus, pay attention to it.

Crown Chakra (7th Chakra, Sahasrara): Divine Light. Dear starlings. In this post, I want to discuss what is the crown chakra. Its meaning, duties, color, disturbances, blockages and opening of the seventh energy field before you can experience a Kundalini awakening.

7th Chakra, crown chakra (Sanskrit: Sahasrara = thousandfold)

The crown chakra is the seventh main chakra, directly at and above the vertex of the head, resonating with translucent or white light and the mind-light body. Its element is the cosmos.

Topics of the crown chakra
Unity awareness, divine guidance

Overview of the crown chakra

Below, I summarized the most important information and assignments regarding the crown chakra:

Name: Crown chakra, crown chakra, Sahasrara (Sanskrit)
The situation in the body: Directly at and above the vertex of the head
Associated Energy Body: Spirit Light Body
Color: white, transparent, with very slight purple parts
Element: Universe (no material element)
Resonance: age 26 to 30 years of age
Spiritual qualities: Connection of the human with the divine, unity consciousness, enlightenment, divine love
Blockings: fears of being left alone; anxiety that the Universe does not care for us, the fright of losing identity and free will
Associates: endocrine gland/plexus, pineal gland (epiphysis) / brain
Hormones: serotonin, melatonin
Sense of empathy
Supporting gemstones: phenakite, Herkimer diamond, rock crystal
Aromas: incense, rosewood, neroli
Incense: Myrrh, Frankincense, Sandalwood
Through food: Minimalist food that does not burden and leaves room for spiritual experiences: very light, purely vegetable or vegan food fruits, leaves, nutritious spring water, green tea, juice


Meaning and task of the crown chakra

The crown chakra is open at the top because it connects the human with the divine and the cosmic, the great whole. It is located outside of the gross body and is the seat of unity consciousness. Through this connection between the crown chakra to the divine, we can attain the highest form of knowledge and wisdom.

This is the knowledge through fusion and unity. An understanding that we comprehend existentially without fully grasping it intellectually. An entirely opened crown chakra means complete transcendence of identity as a separate person. This is what we generally refer to by the term “enlightenment”.

The resonance age of the crown chakra is between the 26th and the 30th year of age, but only really opened when the Kundalini force has been activated. In most cases, it is just activated so far that a minimum energy intake may take place.

Further development of the crown chakra is only possible when you activate all other six chakras. The full opening is synonymous with the first stage of enlightenment. Unlike the other chakras, this chakra largely eludes conscious control.

A special feature of the crown chakra is that it combines the Kundalini energy that has risen from the root chakra through all the main chakras. After this act, it returns to the Root Chakra and lies in a mindful rest.

Sushumna, Pingala, Ida and the ascension of the Kundalini

The Sushumna channels, which is primarily located in the spinal cord region, is the main channel. There are, however, other nadis nearby, such as the Ida and Pingala.

These two nadis lie to the right and left of the Sushumna and work together with male and female characteristics. Both of them are ending in the nostrils.

Ida and Pingala spiral up from the Root Chakra around the Sushumna Nadi and at their four intersections are the middle four chakras, with their major nerve centers and endocrine glands.

Once a kundalini awakening takes place the combined energy flows from the first chakra (the root chakra) all the way up to the crown chakra.

It’s doing so by smoothly gliding through each chakra without any hindrance or blockage. This is a sign that you are ascending from physical awareness (Prakriti) to the universal, or cosmic unison awareness (Samadhi).


Raise and activate the Kundalini

It is still not clear what exactly leads to the activation of the Kundalini energy to rise. A variety of methods exist, however, which have proven to be of aid regarding the activation of the Kundalini. The Shaktipat energy exchange, for example, is one powerful tool to help this purpose.

Nevertheless, whether these techniques are meaningful is still controversial. The massive force of the Kundalini can also cause havoc in a body that isn’t quite ready yet for this awakening to happen.

The Kundalini activates itself freely when the specific being reached a certain point of awareness. This takes place due to the energization of the individual’s entire system and a heightened state of vibration takes place. The Kundalini, once active, takes on the role of a “pipe cleaner” during this process.

It’s aiding to liberate the whole area, all of the chakras, and the central energy channel from blockages. It, furthermore, opens the entire system for the influx of the soul’s cosmic awareness.

This means that the more blockages are present, the more intense the Kundalini experience will be. Is the system fairly open, however, then the process occurs subtly. In the phase of freedom, one doesn’t feel the Kundalini nor the Chakras strongly, as it lies above all the “energetic friction” that makes them perceptible.

When the Kundalini ascends, the descending energy flow of the soul can take place freely. Thus, it can express itself in full throughout the entire system of the body. At times, this occurs even before a stronger Kundalini activation, meaning that t doesn’t always happen in the “full-blown” version, but rather gently and in intervals.

This is why many people speak of going through yet another awakening, as they little by little wake up until they are truly ready for the kundalini ascension.

An open crown chakra

Once the crown chakra is open, you begin to live and exist in unity awareness. This means that you are going to experience yourself as limitless, part of divinity and yet comprehensive. You will obtain full understanding and will grasp the world and its made up matrix-system beyond your mind’s regular capacity.

You will be so far connected with the spiritual world, that angst and anxiety are going to be strangers to you. Finally, you will have encountered the ultimate, in-depth inner peace within the bond with the divine love.

Through the awakening of the crown chakra, the corresponding being opens himself to glorious guidance in his life. One creates a form of immeasurable union with all that exists and is. The specific individual then looks at his fellow human beings with compassion and tolerance.

He lost all interest in judging or even changing the fellow man. Yet another incredible bestowal of the crown chakra is a steadily intensifying insight into the contexts of life. One will experience this on a greater – the universal level.

The crown chakra and health

From a physical angle, the pineal gland (epiphysis) together with our brain absorb the life energy and redirect it to the central nervous system. The crown chakra regulates the hormonal balance and is responsible for the smooth function in our entire bodily system.

Disturbances of the crown chakra

There are few blockades of the crown chakra, and the underdeveloped crown chakra is quite common. Someone who stores aggression and resentment caused by pain and disappointment usually projects those feelings on the diffused idea of ​​a God or a higher power. This can easily lead to the refusal of a connection to the divine in whole or in part.


Psychic effects of a blocked crown chakra

Once cutting oneself off from the higher aspects, increasing disorientation, coupled with mental emptiness, take place. This activates a creeping process of uprooting and inner isolation. That, on the other hand, often manifests itself as a mid-life crisis from the age of forty.

Unfortunately, this phase can go as far as that some people end up believing that their life is of complete insignificance and not knowing who they truly are.

Physical effects of a blocked crown chakra

As far as I know, the following typical issues may manifest through blockages of the crown chakra: On the physical level, and with increasing age, nervous disorders, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, sleep disorders and a general immunodeficiency can develop.

These all are signals that man is his inherent creativeness. It, furthermore, indicates his natural longing for a higher part of his self.

Open crown chakra

In order to activate and heal the crown chakra, it is necessary to discover and acknowledge one’s spirituality and to integrate the knowledge of a greater reality and devotion to the cosmic plan into everyday life. Meditation, prayer and the focus on the highest goal in life are helpful. Furthermore, energy work, chakra meditations, especially high-swinging gemstones, aromas, incense, as well as a certain diet can also be of aid here.

The Rock Crystal

The master of all gemstones and guardian of the crown chakra is the rock crystal. He is one of the most fascinating gemstones, which society, unfortunately, mostly overlooks or disregards altogether. Thus, I picked him, over the diamond, so he may finally receive his deserved glorification.

The origin of the rock crystal

Because the rock crystal is a “common” mineral, one can find it in various localities around the world in larger quantities. They mine the rock crystal, among others, in African countries such as Namibia and Madagascar, as well as in South America, Brazil, and North America. Other major deposits are also in Russia, Austria and Germany.


The rock crystal and his meaning

The name of the mountain crystal has its origins in Greek. In ancient times, it was believed that the rock crystal is ice, frozen water that can never thaw. Thus, the Greek word “krystallos”, which translates as ice, became the sole name for this gemstone.

Over time, however, the term crystal came into existence for all the minerals of this manifestation. In order to make it possible to distinguish the collective term crystal from the gem of the same name, the crystal was supplemented by the word mountain (rock).

The rock crystal and its effect

In crystal healing, rock crystal has been used for centuries. The crystal is said to have a special power in decision-making. He should help to improve the ability to make decisions. The gemstone can have a supportive effect on discouragement and become active in experiencing self-awareness.

Traditionally, rock crystal is used in the field of personality development. In many cultures of the world, healers also use rock crystals to locate diseases.

The majestic stone, furthermore, plays an important role in various shamanic rituals. Especially as a companion in meditation, the rock crystal is in great demand and does hold the power to pave the way to enlightenment.

The peculiarities of the rock crystal

Due to its versatile field of application in crystal healing, rock crystal is referred to as the “Master Healer”. The high priests of the past also used the rock crystal as a protective stone and carried it on a long chain around the neck. They often make divination balls from the clear crystal to this day.

Rock crystal cleaning, charging and discharging

If you decide to get yourself a rock crystal, you should clean and discharge it every seven days under running, lukewarm water. You can charge the transparent crystal using amethysts – either as a druse, group or charging cradle.

Furthermore, it is possible to charge the rock crystal by the sun’s rays. Since the rock crystal can absorb and release information, only one person should use the semi-precious stone as an individual healing stone.


Personal note to my starling

My dear starlings, I truly hope you enjoyed this post regarding what is the crown chakra. This being the last main chakra to write about, please, let me know if you have any questions remaining about anything concerning the basic chakra teaching. If so, then please, leave a comment below, and I shall be more than happy to answer it and assist you.

On another note, we are covering the 12 laws of the Universe next. People seem to get stuck with the “Law of Attraction” only, so I believe it’s essential to shed light on the remaining energy laws. After all, they all work together. I hope you’ll have fun reading detailed info about them very soon.

In the meantime, please do share us on social media with your families and friends. Don’t forget to comment with questions, stories, experiences you’d like to share or suggestions for topics. We’re always looking forward to hearing from you.

I am sending you all my love and healing energy. May all your days be filled with harmony, clarity, inner peace, prosperity and an abundance of all good things. All this “under grace in perfect ways” (Florence Scovel Shinn).

You are precious, cherished, immensely loved and truly unique. Remember, no one else can fulfill the task that you signed up to finish before you came into this world…Thus, keep on sparkling. ~Namaste – Before thy spirit, I bow~

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