What Is Visualization And How You Can Use It For Manifestation


Asking yourself “what is visualization?”- Here is the answer!

In this article, I want to try and explain in a short but to the point way what is visualization made of and how you can use it to attract your desires.

We visualize constantly, but this form of visualization is uncontrolled and so we also create things and situations that we don’t want.

What do I mean with that? We think in pictures. This means that every thought is translated into an image.

For example, when you think of your friend Peter, you don’t think of Peter, but you see his face in front of you.

When you think of dinner, you see the set dining table at home or how you eat in front of the TV. When you pronounce the word mountain, you see a mountain.

The same words represent themselves to everyone through different images. Some may see an old chestnut tree with a thick trunk, another person sees a conifer and someone in an exotic country a palm tree.

At the word restaurant, one may see a snack bar and someone else an exclusive dining location.

We mostly do not see the images created by our thoughts consciously. Sometimes we perceive the feelings that certain images trigger.

When we hear words that arouse a negative memory in us, the picture of the unpleasant situation is also there.

This suddenly makes us feel very uncomfortable. The other way around, of course, works the same way.

We hear a song or someone says something that reminds us of something beautiful and suddenly we are in a better mood. How do these mood changes come about?

Are You Ready For A Simple Guide To Manifestation?

Frequency is the key

So thoughts transform into images that trigger feelings in us. These change our vibration. Negative feelings reduce the frequency of low vibrations and positive ones increase them.

The vibration frequency is responsible for our actions and also for what we pull and manifest into our lives.

Just think about how nimble you are when you are in a good mood and how difficult a working day is when you are not feeling well.

Those who think positively feel good and are in good spirits and vice versa. But it’s not easy to be in a good mood all the time.

What do you do when something goes wrong? The good mood sags. And life is such that the sun does not shine forever.

Practice mindfulness

That’s right! But you can start to control your thoughts. If you become aware of a negative thought, you wipe it away, after all, with bad thoughts you only attract negative things.

And then think of something nice instead. With a little practice, it works.

Practice mindfulness and, whenever you catch yourself lingering on an unpleasant thought, ask yourself the following question: “What am I manifesting?”

You will be surprised how fast you will snap out of the negativity. Instantly thereafter, replace the previously negative thought and sentiments with a positive one.

Make this practice a daily routine, until your subconscious mind switches into the positive thinking mode automatically.

Then, many doors will open for you and pleasant things, wonderful people and great situations and opportunities will appear in your life.

How To Activate Your Subconscious Mind And Claim Your Desires

When we speak of visualization, we mean creative visualization

If we see imagined pictures that represent a specific wish in our mind’s eye and repeat this often, we come closer to realizing this wish.

Some people manage to manifest their wishes in a very short time. These people are successful and wealthy if they want to. What do they do differently from those whose lives are pure tragedy?

You are convinced of your success. They don’t give up quickly when something doesn’t work out but keep trying until a project succeeds.

Of course, you use a different approach each time. I’m thinking of Edison, who wanted to invent the light bulb. It took well over a thousand tries to light his lamp. He used different material with every attempt.

If a business idea doesn’t work, you have to change something, but don’t give up the business idea immediately.

Believe in yourself and the connection to source

You must believe in yourself. There is much truth to the fact that a firm belief can move mountains. Successful people believe in themselves and in the success of their projects.

By thinking positively, you can literally see the positive outcome of your projects clearly in front of you. You speak in high tones about your projects. This sends out positive vibrations.

Now there is the fact that people around them are convinced of their success and so successful people are surrounded by positive vibrations.

There are numerous techniques for creative visualization

If you practice visualization and then apply multiple techniques and repeatedly visualize a desire, you will succeed. Once you’ve relearned how to do it, you will be faster with the realization of every next wish.

From now on, think about your vision. Try to see pictures and films in your inner eye, regardless of whether your eyes are open or closed. It is strange that it is much easier for us to see imagined pictures when our eyes are closed.

It takes a lot of practice to do this with your eyes open.

The exercise pays off, because if you succeed in living in your dream world, which you place above the reality you are currently experiencing, you will soon be able to call your dream world your reality.

The Secret To Manifestation And How It Truly Works 

Dear starlings

I hope that my short explanation of what is visualization and how it can truly help you to manifest anything you desire was understandable for you.

Visualizing is like magic, but it is not hocus pocus. Instead, it is proof that seeing imagined pictures triggers changes in the brain and, thus, changes perception.

Please, my starlings, do share your experiences, questions and other contributions regarding this topic with us in a comment below.

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Keep in mind that you are precious light beings, heer to absorb, expand, have fun and create a blissful and loving dimension for all of us to live in harmony.

You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~



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