Why You Can Have Faith And Trust Without Any Doubt


Why it is okay to have faith and trust in the unknown

“Everything will be fine.” Anyone who can utter this sentence from the depths of his soul with complete conviction should have faith and trust that he really does not need to internalize this chapter. By the way, congratulations on this attitude.

For the rest of my co-creators, a little nudge in the right direction is necessary. Be honest – not many of us have unwavering faith and are able to put their unconditional trust in something yet unseen.

Certain life circumstances along with today’s society and what’s going on in the world as a whole don’t inspire us much either to develop such strong credence.

But who belongs to this group of people of believers who actually do believe without a doubt? Rather, only a few.

For the rest, it is definitely worth building your own trust in order to get one step closer to personal happiness.

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The first question is: “Trust is good, but in what exactly?”

Let’s start with trusting yourself. Do I actually dare? Do I actually have enough faith in myself? If not, why is it? Do I think I’m lying to myself? Am I not being honest with myself? Am I kidding myself?

Right, we have just returned to authenticity. Only if I am honest with myself can I trust myself. Let’s go a little further and ask the question: “Do I dare to do something?”

Now it becomes much more difficult with the answer. Trusting yourself without doubts is often not so easy. We can grow beyond ourselves, especially in crisis situations.

We are strong then, much more vigorous than we ever thought. Why is it that we are able to do a lot more, especially in extreme situations?

Simple answer: Because there is a lot of skill in us that we do not let out in the open. That doesn’t mean that we as non-mathematicians should simply answer “I can do this” to the question of any complicated mathematical formulas.

After all, you don’t have to know everything. Exactly, such things are more to be assigned to the term knowledge. When asked about a certain skill level, optimistic people like to reply: “I don’t know if I can do it, I haven’t tried it yet.”

That is exactly the right attitude, which, however, will not be possible with little self-confidence. So trust in ourselves can only go hand in hand with a strong sense of self-worth.

So here we have to apply the lever. How about pretending every day that you are actually worth something and not getting lost in it?

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Trust in life

Of course, trust can also relate to life itself. Trusting that everything has a deep meaning makes many things so much easier. Even if the, perhaps mystical, meaning is not or not yet clearly recognizable, trust makes life much easier.

In itself, the higher power could now come into play. But why does one speak of faith when there is talk of God? Isn’t it enough for knowledge and trust? Whoever believes is not 100% sure.

Even with hope, there is still a bit of doubt. To be able to live really full of happiness, however, trust is required, is my most personal opinion. Trust in the Universe in which everything has its order.

If you are still looking for the meaning of your life and cannot do so much with what the church presents, you may find a way to understand “the whole” with the help of the following paragraph:

The idea that we have chosen a task for every life that does not always have to be easy to learn creates satisfaction and reconciliation with adverse circumstances. If there is also the thought that there will be more lives and that instead of hell and damnation in the astral world there is only love and understanding, you really don’t need to be afraid of death anymore – not of life either.

Dear starlings

Dear starlings, hopefully, my above post will be helpful on your path to have trust and faith. Anyway, I just wanted to emphasize that I am always here for you if you need further guidance.

Whether you have any questions, are hanging somewhere in limbo during your journey of spiritual awakening or want to share a personal story with me, just reach out in a comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP.

I just always need to get this off of my chest. This is exactly why I created my websites (this and lovebodyfatsolutions.com) – to help you find your path to a more fulfilled, happy, and healthier life.

Please, also share us with your families and friends on social media. In this manner, we can spread the word faster and help more confused souls through the sometimes not so easy awakening process.

Many feel lost in the dark and don’t even know that there are others who feel and go through the same process.

They are scared to talk about it because they think that society will believe them to be insane.  Thus, lighten your torches and guide them with your light to our little sanctuary here. Thank you, starlings.

Meanwhile, I am sending you lots of love and healing energy, clarity, harmony, joy and an endless abundance of all your desires.

You are unique, chosen for a special task, cherished and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on sparkling. ~Namaste- Before thy spirit, I bow~


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